Our main advocacy site contains our perspectives, blogs etc. on addiction in South Africa.


Our main information site. www.theaac.co.za contains a wealth of information on addiction, addiction in South Africa, statistics, types of addictions, drug information, recovery programs, self diagnostic tests, drug paraphernalia and thousands of links to addiction articles in the South African press.


This domain is a profiling website of members of The Addiction Action Campaign. Members can start groups, add friends and post questions in forums etc.


Why not host and design your website/s with us. Funds generated from TheAAC.net ISP go towards the plans of The Addiction Action Campaign. All of these domains including this one, (aac.org.za) are designed and hosted by TheAAC.net ISP


Our main membership component where we grow membership on Facebook which we use to send out regular bulletins of events, press releases and notifications of radio & television interviews that we contribute to.

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